AP Exam Registration Form


Please complete this form and check the exam(s) you intend to take. Choose Enrolled if you are enrolled in the AP class and taking the test. Choose Exam if you are not enrolled in the class but are taking the test. A non-refundable fee of $20 is required for each exam for courses you are enrolled in. If you are enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program your fee will be $10 per test for classes in which you are enrolled.The counselors will check to make sure that you qualify for the reduced test, if you click "yes."

Please note that exams for courses in which you are not enrolled, will be charged the full test fee of $89 (even if you are on the free/reduced lunch program) and must be paid prior to testing. After submitting this form, print a copy of the next page and bring it to the AP Breakfast on Tuesday, March 25th between 7:45 AM and 8:30 AM with your payment.

Make Checks payable to HCHS  (print student's name and ID# on check.) or bring EXACT total in cash. No change will be given.

Bring Registration Form and payment to the AP Breakfast on March 25th from 8:00 - 8:30 AM in the gym.

Last Name:
First Name:  
Home Phone
Free/Reduced Lunch Program      
Exam Enrolled Course   Exam Enrolled Course   Exam Enrolled Course
Art History   English Lit (12)   Latin: Vergil
Biology   Environmental Science   Music Theory
Calculus AB   European History   Physics B
Calculus BC   French Lang  

Physics C: Mechanics

Chemistry   German Lang   Physics C: Elec & Magnet
Chinese Lang   Gov't and Politics:US   Psychology

Comp Sci A

  Gov't and Politics: Comp   Spanish Lang (level 4)
Economics: Macro   Human Geography   Spanish Lit (level 5)
Economics: Micro   Italian   Statistics
English Lang (11)   Japanese Lang   U.S. History
                World History

Do not hit the back button on your brower after submitting as you will not be able to print.

If you make a mistake you will need to start the process over but put the letter "c" after your ID # to indicate that this is a change. Your first application will be deleted. For example s12345c.